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Incentive Voting

In order to generate the most amount of votes, and therefore the most amount of traffic back to you, you should give your users an incentive to vote on the site! RSPServer provides many easy ways for you to do so, and also supplies fully-featured applications to help you accomplish it!

You can obtain server-specific vote codes by visiting your server page and under each server there will be a button, just click it and get them!

Incentive voting works by callback. What does this mean? Well, when a user completes a vote for your server, we load up the URL you supply (in your modify-server page, "Callback URL") when the vote is successful.

Often times, the {incentive} portion of the URL is changed to a user's name, so that when our server loads your callback URL, you'll know what user successfully voted.

Vote Check

Alternative to setting up a callback-based incentive, you can check votes by IP. Callback systems are the most often the most intuitive way to do it, but options are everyone's friend, so we offer to support IP checks.

You can perform an IP check by loading up the following URL using file_get_contents() in PHP.

Loading this URL will yield a json-formatted response. You can parse the response using json_decode() in PHP.