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Divine-Reality/Supernal Returns (Refunding Ex-donators!) | 317 Economy

Welcome to Divine-reality's Advertisement thread, for those wondering about legitimacy or reasons why we've closed in the past you can read here: Return of Divine-Reality - Announcements - DR: Community

Getting onto the features:

Achievements and Full screen

Competative Timers

Lizard Shamans


Rewritten Skills and skillpoints system

Written list of some features:

Instanced Bosses
Full Zulrah + Rotations
Group respawn system
Stable server
Unique Website
Constant updates and active owner and developers
Lots of new content coming, including already released new content.
Iron man mode, Ultimate Iron man, Hardcore Iron man.
Timestamped Highscores
Utilities such as search drops and view drop-rates
Teleport to Slayer tasks
4 Different Slayer masters.

We have a ton more features available ! I will be updating this thread with more information and pictures soon. We released for open Beta on 11/03/2017. Come and join. If you do decide to try us out, I urge you to post / tell myself any issues you find, bugs, or potential improvements or dislikes about the server. I am dedicating a lot of time to developing this and it really helps when players find the hidden bugs that I've overlooked.