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PkHonor | 120 Economy

One of the longest standing RSPS to date, with over 7 years of uninterrupted uptime, we offer more features than most other RSPS combined. Although we try to encourage PK'ing - we are not a spawn server and PvM is a huge part of the server as well. With all skills working, including construction and hunter and with a perfectly made Grand Exchange, we're certain you will not be disappointed!

Some of our notable features:
> OSRS based (revision 120), with the world map and bosses from OSRS as it was in September 2016!
> Venenatis
> Zulrah and other wilderness bosses being worked at as we speak
> Perfectly working GE, with the ability to look up all current offers
> Fully worked out construction, to the details. Everything works. Aside from the games room. That one doesn't.
> Every single major boss from OSRS, as well as Nex
> Hundreds of items to choose from: dwarf multicannon, pVp equipment, chaotic equipment, Torva, Virtus, Pernix, armadyl crossbow, zamorakian hasta
> Completely Free To Play - all items are obtainable through in-game currency - whatever can be donated for, can also be bought in-game.
> Extensive support system and helpful staff
> Regular updates
> 99.99% uptime