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ScapeHD | 530 Economy

ScapeHD is a rendition of the 2008 version of RuneScape that takes what you remember, and gives you the power of convenience, entertainment, community building, and quality of life updates. We entertain by providing a mix of content that is sure to attract and support your gameplay with choose-your-xp Game Modes that offer you the chance to select your combat experience rate, while maintaining a global experience rate for all non-combat skills.

We believe in offering updates that do not break the way you enjoyed RuneScape in 2008, but updates that improve the way you play ScapeHD.

We enjoy playing RuneScape, and so should you. With quality of life updates such as the teleport crystal, you can save your location and teleport back to it in order to speed up certain tasks such as resource farming, slayer, PvM, or more. Alongside the Teleport Crystal, we offer alternative ways to access the majority of the map in ScapeHD whether you are crossing with a charter ship, speaking to your favourite Spirit Tree, or using the power of runes to get by. Slow travelling isn’t a thing we typically enjoy here, but we make sure to not make it “Teleport-ScapeHD”, if you know what we mean.

We get it, you don’t have time to grind your stats to max! The majority of the developers and staff team here hold full time jobs and support families, themselves, friends, etc. We wanted to provide a happy home to all those who walk through our doors. So, we offered Game Modes! We have our 2x rate for those hardcore fanatics, 5x classic mode for those who just wish to barely enjoy life, or 20x mode for those who wish to just take down bosses! Finally, we have our 75x rate for those who wish to make PvP accounts and challenge those who lay in the wilderness! All of these game modes come with their own perks, and disadvantages, and for those without PvP accounts, you will have your own category on the highscores! Please note that our global non-combat rate is 5x.

So join ScapeHD today, and come join a community and team that is working towards providing you a home in an era that you love.