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#1 NEW Server - Salvage-PS | OSRS-True Zulrah | Regular Updates | 317 Economy

Salvage-PS is a NEW Eco RSPS owned by a professional developer. With regular updates, including a TON of custom content, Salvage is an amazing up-and-coming server which has grown a loyal player base. We are small, but those who have joined have stayed and want to see the server grow. If you are looking for a smaller server to grow with, look no further. Give the game a try by downloading the auto-updating client at the link below, then introduce yourself at the forums and become part of the loyal community today!

Features and Recent Updates:
250 Achievements
All working skills including 120 Dungeoneering
New Daily Events with Bonus XP Weekends
Drop Tables
Custom Treasure Trails
Custom Tool Belt
Custom Minigames with awesome rewards
True to OSRS Zulrah with all rotations, gas, and snakelings
Multiple bosses including Nex, Corporeal Beast, and Bandos Avatar
NEW armor and weapons including Torva, Pernix, Virtus, Vanguard, Trickster, Battle-Mage, Drygores, Vine Whip, etc.
Boss Points, Loyalty Points, Vote Points, PK Points
100+ Achievements
Custom Home, Gambling Zone, Donator Zone, and Elite Donator Zone - containing AFK skilling
Amazing donator benefits
Money pouch with capacity of over 9 Quintillion
Ironman/Hardcore Ironman modes
Plenty more to come!