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Devotionx | 317 Economy

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What's DevotionX?

DevotionX is best described as a game-changer. We are a private server that offers 5 different game modes; normal player, pk player, ironman, hardcore ironman and ultimate ironman. Each player in DevotionX is not on their own to fend for themselves in the open world and challenge great bosses all over the DevotionX world. Our players are happy to help, and we are looking for like-minded players who feel the same. We have labeled this a "Community run" server. You receive a modest starter on your first login (2M GP) and some starting gear. From there you must provide for yourself and earn your spot in the world of DevotionX. DevotionX is boiled down to a very simple game play experience. You compete, train, boss, socialize or whatever else it is you may enjoy when playing a RSPS. Simply put, there are no posted "Rules" on our server and/or website. You are more than welcome to do as you please. This is an RSPS community; not just another private server.


All skills 100% functional
Daily and weekly bonus events
Bossing (Nex, KBD, Godwars, Corporal Beast, and MANY more)
Duel Arena, dicing and gambling all available
Donor Scrolls available
Minigames (Duel Arena, Fighting Cave, Pest Control, Barrows, and MANY more)
Trivial Question & Rewards
Boss Point Rewards
Evil tree & Crashing Star
99.9% Uptime
PVP & rewards
And to come!

We could go on and on listing the server's features and benefits but we recommend you visit our website and decide to play for yourself.