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Runixscape 718-742 | 742 Economy

Dedication to our players is our top priority! The development team is constantly creating new updates, but unlike other RSPS's, RunixScape's developers will take advice from players and make updates based on that. Don't believe it? Visit our Wiki or contact the support team.
What?!!? Halo in Runescape? Could this be real? The answer is YES! Runescape has Halo Energy Swords available upon donation and Halo Warthogs (Red and white colored)
Runescape's Community is constantly changing. We get heaps of new players daily, monthly, and even annually. The player base is very good, and there will always be new people playing to enjoy the fun with! Don't be selfish, advertise for RunixScape on other RSPS's and bring the players to us! The whole community deserves it.
- Battlefield (You capture the flag in a snowy instance)
- Ice Minigame (You get to the finish while avoiding snow and puddles)
- Shooting Star Distraction and Diversion
- Fight Kiln
- Fight Caves
- Clan Wars
- Barrows
- Dominion Tower
- Crucible
- Zombie Onslaught
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