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Runology | 718 Economy

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Runology is a completely free-to-play RSPS based on the 2012 era of Runescape. We have high quality and quantity content, we have 25+ Bosses and 12+ Minigames to keep you entertained for hours. Our forums are super user-friendly and very easy to navigate. We have a top tier management team to keep your accounts secure at all times. We use a dedicated server so you have a lag-free experience at all times.


Master Capes!

Full Construction!

Custom Quests!

Custom Bosses!

15+ Minigames!

25+ Bosses!

Boss Slayer Tasks!

100% Scam Free Duel Arena!

Deathlotus, Tetsu, and Seasinger!

Fight Kiln & Fight Caves!

Undead Nightmare Minigame!

Pest Control!

Soul Wars!

Scam Free Dicing!


Automatic Voting and Donations!